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Dr. Maureen O'Hara is Professor in the Psychology Department at National University, La Jolla, CA and President Emerita of Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco. Working with American psychologist Dr. Carl R. Rogers, she helped develop the Person-Centered Approach to psychotherapy and large group process. More recently her writings have examined the relationship between the "big picture" changes underway and internal psychological adaptation. Combining her background as psychotherapist, organizational consultant and futurist, she is a frequent keynote speaker nationally and internationally on the evolution of new ways of being in a changing world. As a specialist in higher education assessment and governance she has served on evaluation teams for the accreditation agencies WASC and DETC.

Maureen served as Board Memeber of APA Division 32, the Society for Humanistic Psychology. She is a Distinguished Clinical Member of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, President of the Meridian Institute on Governance, Leadership Learning and the Future, member of the International Futures Forum in St. Andrews, Scotland and President of IFF - U.S..


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Ten Things to do in a Conceptual Emergency


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Natalie Rogers' passing
Our beloved teacher and PCEA founder, Natalie Rogers passed away October 17, 2015. It's a heavily sad news to us. She died peacefully with her family surrounding her. She knows how much we all loved her. Let's hold her in our hearts and embrace each other in her sacred passing.....Her artful spirit, compassionate heart and wise soul are always with us.
Earlier this year she received the Carl Rogers Heritage Award from the American Psychological Association Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology. Neither of us could attand but here is here is my introduction and her acceptance speech on youtube videos

The recent kerfuffle over Rupert Sheldrake’s TED talk in London which was unceremoniously removed from You Tube by TED organizers after complaints about it veracity, highlights the perennial appeal of pseudoscience in a bewildered world and the mostly inept response from people who are not used to having to deal with pseudoscience and don't understand its appeal to the lay public. Here’s what I wrote about Sheldrake's work thirty years ago in response to a positive review of Sheldrake' book by Ken Wilber. I still stand by it. Also. just in case the story about the Hundredth Monkey comes around again, see, Of Myths and Monkeys: which deconstructs another story that did the rounds at about the same time.

Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organisation in the 21st Century. Maureen's book co-authored with Graham Leicester is now available at Amazon. com. and at the International Futures Forum Shop for UK readers.

"Are you a “person of tomorrow”? Such people thrive in the contemporary world, and inhabit “the complex and messy problems of the 21st century in a more expansive way than their colleagues. . . . These are innate human capacities that we all possess. But some manage to develop and express them better than others.

Read Maichael Marien's review of DATE at Erudito, the e-Journal of the World Academy of Arts & Science.


Ten Things to Do in a Conceptual Emergency

Written with Graham Leicester and published in February 2009 by Triarchy Press,Ten Things is now available here as a free PDF or for purchase.

The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling
Edited by: Mick Cooper, Maureen O'Hara, Peter F. Schmid and Gill Art Bohart
Is available in the UK at Palgrave Macmillan and
in the U.S. at Palgrave MacMillan U.S.

Carl Rogers Award Presentation Podcast

download mp3 file Psychological Literacy On August 18, 2007 Maureen received the Carl Rogers award for "outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of humanistic psychology" from the American Psychological Association's Division of Humanistic Psychology at the APA convention in San Francisco. She delivered the presentation Psychological Literacy for Transformational Times. To download the mp3 audio podcast right-click on the mp3 image. Some browsers will also play the file with a left-click.

News about Carl Rogers
In a 2006 survey reported in the March/April 2007 Psychotherapy Networker Carl Rogers is named as the single most influential psychotherapist of the past quarter-century - by a landslide. [read the article]